Title 30

SECTION 550.1153

550.1153 When must I conduct a static bottomhole pressure survey

§ 550.1153 When must I conduct a static bottomhole pressure survey?

(a) You must conduct a static bottomhole pressure survey under the following conditions:

If you have . . . Then you must conduct . . .
(1) A new producing reservoir, A static bottomhole pressure survey within 90 days after the date of first continuous production.
(2) A reservoir with three or more producing completions, Annual static bottomhole pressure surveys in a sufficient number of key wells to establish an average reservoir pressure. The Regional Supervisor may require that bottomhole pressure surveys be performed on specific wells.

(b) Your bottomhole pressure survey must meet the following requirements:

(1) You must shut-in the well for a minimum period of 4 hours to ensure stabilized conditions; and

(2) The bottomhole pressure survey must consist of a pressure measurement at mid-perforation, and pressure measurements and gradient information for at least four gradient stops coming out of the hole.

(c) You must submit to the Regional Supervisor the results of all static bottomhole pressure surveys on Form BOEM-140, Bottomhole Pressure Survey Report, within 60 days after the date of the survey.

(d) The Regional Supervisor may grant a departure from the requirement to run a static bottomhole pressure survey. To request a departure, you must submit a justification, along with Form BOEM-0140, Bottomhole Pressure Survey Report, showing a calculated bottomhole pressure or any measured data.

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