Title 13

SECTION 120.644

120.644 Transfers of Certificates.

§ 120.644 Transfers of Certificates.

(a) General rule. Certificates are transferable. Transfers in the Secondary Market must comply with Article 8 of the Uniform Commercial Code of the State of New York. The seller must use the detached form of assignment (SBA Form 1088), unless the seller and purchaser choose to use another form which the SBA approves. The FTA may refuse to issue a Certificate until it is satisfied that the documents of transfer are complete.

(b) Transfer on FTA records. In order for the transfer of a Certificate to be effective the FTA must reflect it on its records.

(c) Contents of letter of transmittal accompanying the transfer of Certificates. (1) A letter of transmittal must accompany each Certificate which a Registered Holder submits to the FTA for transfer. The Registered Holder must supply the following information in the letter:

(i) Pool number, if applicable;

(ii) Certificate number;

(iii) Name of purchaser of Certificate;

(iv) Address and tax identification number of the purchaser;

(v) Name and telephone number of the person handling or facilitating the transfer;

(vi) Instructions for the delivery of the new Certificate.

(2) The Registered Holder must also send the fee which the FTA charges for this service. The FTA will supply fee information to the Registered Holder.

(d) Lender cannot purchase guaranteed portion of loan it made. The Lender (or its Associate) that made a 7(a) guaranteed loan cannot purchase the guaranteed portion of that loan in the Secondary Market. If a Lender does purchase the guaranteed portion of one of its own loans, it shall not have the unconditional guarantee of SBA.