Title 13

SECTION 120.466

120.466 SBA Supervised Lender application.

§ 120.466 SBA Supervised Lender application.

An entity seeking to participate as an SBA Supervised Lender must apply to SBA. SBA evaluates SBA Supervised Lender applicants through an initial review and final review, as follows:

(a) Initial review. SBA Supervised Lender applicants must submit a written plan containing information about the organization and its current and proposed lending activities (“Lender Assessment Plan”). After SBA's review of the Lender Assessment Plan, the Office of Capital Access may require an interview with the applicant and its management team. SBA will determine, in its sole discretion, whether an applicant may proceed to the final review. If SBA determines that an applicant may not proceed to the final review, the applicant must wait at least 6 months before it may submit a new Lender Assessment Plan. Each applicant must demonstrate to SBA's satisfaction that it meets the ethical requirements and the participation criteria set forth in 13 CFR 120.140 and 120.410. The Lender Assessment Plan must include the following items:

(1) The legal name, address, telephone number and email address of the applicant;

(2) Business plan, detailing the applicant's proposed lending area and the volume of loan activity projected over the next 3 years (supported by current and projected balance sheets, income statements and statements of cash flows);

(3) Capitalization (current and proposed), including the form of organization and the identification of all debt and classes of equity capital and proposed funding amounts, including any rights or preferences accorded to such interests (e.g., voting rights, redemption rights and rights of convertibility) and any conditions for the transfer, sale or assignment of such interests;

(4) A list of all members of the applicant's management team, including the applicant's officers, directors, managers and key employees, as well as the applicant's owners, Associates (as defined in § 120.10) and Affiliates (as defined in § 121.103 of this chapter);

(5) A written summary of the professional experience (including any prior experience with any SBA program) of the applicant's management team (including key employees);

(6) In connection with any application to become an SBLC, the applicant must include a letter agreement signed by an authorized official of an existing SBLC certifying that the SBLC is seeking to transfer its SBA lending authority to the applicant; and

(7) If approval of any state or Federal chartering, licensing or other regulatory authority is required, copies of any licenses issued by or documents filed with such authority.

(b) Final review. Each applicant that receives notice from SBA in writing that it may proceed to the final review must submit a complete application to SBA within 90 calendar days. The application requirements for SBA Supervised Lenders are set forth in official SBA policy and procedures. An incomplete application submitted to SBA will not be processed and will be returned to the applicant. SBA may, in its sole discretion, approve or deny any SBA Supervised Lender application. The decision to approve or deny an SBA Supervised Lender application is a final agency decision. If an SBA Supervised Lender application is denied by SBA or if a complete application is not timely submitted, the applicant may not submit a new Lender Assessment Plan and restart the application process until 12 months from the date of denial or the date a complete application was due to SBA, as applicable.

(c) NFRL operating and lending experience requirement. For an entity seeking to become an NFRL, evidence of at least 1 year of current operating and relevant commercial lending experience by the entity must be provided.

[85 FR 78213, Dec.4, 2020]