Title 13

SECTION 120.460

120.460 What are SBA's additional requirements for SBA Supervised Lenders

§ 120.460 What are SBA's additional requirements for SBA Supervised Lenders?

(a) In general. In addition to complying with SBA's requirements for SBA Lenders, an SBA Supervised Lender must meet the additional requirements set forth in this regulation and the SBA Supervised Lender regulations that follow.

(b) Operations and internal controls. Each SBA Supervised Lender's board of directors (or management, if the SBA Supervised Lender is a division of another company and does not have its own board of directors) must adopt an internal control policy which provides adequate direction to the institution in establishing effective control over and accountability for operations, programs, and resources. The internal control policy must, at a minimum:

(1) Direct management to assign responsibility for the internal control function (covering financial, credit, credit review, collateral, and administrative matters) to an officer or officers of the SBA Supervised Lender;

(2) Adopt and set forth procedures for maintenance and periodic review of the internal control function; and

(3) Direct the operation of a program to review and assess the SBA Supervised Lender's assets. The asset review program policies must specify the following:

(i) Loan, loan-related asset, and appraisal review standards, including standards for scope of selection for review (of any such loan, loan-related asset or appraisal) and standards for work papers and supporting documentation;

(ii) Asset quality classification standards consistent with the standardized classification systems used by the Federal Financial Institution Regulators;

(iii) Specific internal control requirements for the SBA Supervised Lender's major asset categories (cash and investment securities), lending, and the issuance of debt;

(iv) Specific internal control requirements for the SBA Supervised Lender's oversight of Lender Service Providers; and

(v) Standards for training to implement the asset review program.

(c) An SBA Supervised Lender must have qualified full-time professional management including, but not limited to, a chief executive officer or the equivalent to manage daily operations, and a chief credit/risk officer. An SBA Supervised Lender must also have at least one other part-time professional employee (which may be a shared employee of the lender's affiliates) qualified by training and experience to carry out its business plan. An SBA Supervised Lender is expected to sustain a sufficient level of lending activity in its lending area, which means obtaining at least four 7(a) loan approvals during two consecutive fiscal years. This paragraph only applies to SBA Supervised Lenders that make or acquire a 7(a) loan after January 4, 2021, or to any SBA Supervised Lender approved after such date, including in the event of a change of ownership or control of an SBA Supervised Lender.

(d) An NFRL may only make or acquire 7(a) loans in the state in which its primary state regulator is located, except that an NFRL's lending area may include a local trade area that is contiguous to such state (e.g., a city or metropolitan statistical area that is bisected by a state line) if the NFRL receives SBA's prior written approval. This paragraph applies to all NFRLs on or after January 4, 2021, including in the event of approval of a new NFRL or a change of ownership or control of an NFRL; provided however, that if SBA has approved any NFRL to make 7(a) loans out of their state, then this paragraph will apply on or after January 4, 2022.

[73 FR 75512, Dec. 11, 2008, as amended at 85 FR 78213, Dec. 4, 2020]