Title 13

SECTION 120.452

120.452 What are the requirements of PLP loan processing

§ 120.452 What are the requirements of PLP loan processing?

(a) Subparts A and B of this part govern the making of PLP loans, except for the following:

(1) Certain types of businesses, loans, and loan programs are not eligible for PLP, as detailed in published SBA policy and procedures.

(2) A Lender may not make a PLP business loan which reduces its existing credit exposure for any Borrower, except in cases where an interim loan(s) has been made for other than real estate construction purposes to the Borrower which was approved by the Lender within 90 days of receipt of the issuance fo a subsequent PLP loan number.

(3) SBA will not guarantee more than the specified statutory percentage of any PLP loan.

(b) A PLP Lender notifies SBA of its approval of a PLP loan by submitting to SBA's loan processing center appropriate documentation signed by two of the PLP's authorized representatives. SBA will attach the SBA guarantee and notify the PLP Lender of the SBA loan number (if it does not identify a problem with eligibility, and funds are available).

(c) The PLP Lender is responsible for all PLP loan decisions regarding eligibility (including size) and creditworthiness. The PLP Lender is also responsible for confirming that all PLP loan closing decisions are correct, and that it has complied with all requirements of law and SBA regulations.