Title 9

SECTION 590.515

590.515 Egg cleaning operations.

§ 590.515 Egg cleaning operations. Link to an amendment published at 85 FR 68680, Oct. 29, 2020. Link to a correction published at 85 FR 81340, Dec. 16, 2020.

(a) The following requirements shall be met when washing shell eggs to be presented for breaking:

(1) Shell egg cleaning equipment shall be kept in good repair and shall be cleaned after each day's use or more frequently if necessary.

(2) The temperature of the wash water shall be maintained at 90 °F or higher, and shall be at least 20 °F warmer than the temperature of the eggs to be washed. These temperatures shall be maintained throughout the cleaning cycle.

(3) An approved cleaning compound shall be used in the wash water. (The use of metered equipment for dispensing the compound into solution is recommended.)

(4) Wash water shall be changed approximately every 4 hours or more often if needed to maintain sanitary conditions and at the end of each shift. Remedial measures shall be taken to prevent excess foaming during the egg washing operation.

(5) Replacement water shall be added continuously to the wash water of washers to maintain a continuous overflow. Rinse water and chlorine sanitizing rinse may be used as part of the replacement water. Iodine sanitizing rinse may not be used as part of the replacement water.

(6) Waste water from the egg washing operation shall be piped directly to drains.

(7) The washing operation shall be continuous and shall be completed as rapidly as possible. Eggs shall not be allowed to stand or soak in water. Immersion-type washers shall not be used.

(8) Prewetting shell eggs prior to washing may be accomplished by spraying a continuous flow of water over the eggs in a manner which permits the water to drain away, or by other methods which may be approved by the Administrator.

(b) Shell eggs shall not be washed in the breaking room or any room where edible products are processed.

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