Title 7

SECTION 982.456

982.456 Interhandler transfers.

§ 982.456 Interhandler transfers.

Each interhandler transfer of hazelnuts pursuant to § 982.56 (a) and (c) may be made upon notification to the Board in triplicate by the receiving handler on F/H Form 2 signed by both the transferring handler and the receiving handler which shall include the following information:

(a) Date of transfer;

(b) Names of the transferring and receiving handlers;

(c) Locations between which the hazelnuts were transferred;

(d) Whether uncertified inshell or certified merchantable;

(e) Net weight of the hazelnuts transferred, by size and variety;

(f) The inspection certificate, or lot number covering the hazelnuts; and

(g) If certified merchantable, the name of the handler responsible for compliance with the applicable requirements pursuant to this part relating to such hazelnuts.

[54 FR 46721, Nov. 7, 1989]