Title 7

SECTION 982.452

982.452 Disposition of restricted hazelnuts.

§ 982.452 Disposition of restricted hazelnuts.

(a) Shelling. (1) Any person desiring to shell restricted hazelnuts during a fiscal year may do so upon being designated by the Board as an authorized sheller for such year. Application for such designation shall be made in duplicate on F/H Form B and include, in addition to the conditions specified in § 982.52(a), the following: (i) The location of the applicant's shelling operation; (ii) the number of years such person has operated a hazelnut shelling plant; and (iii) the daily (8-hour) shelling capacity of the plant. Designation of an authorized sheller shall be effected by the board manager signing the application form and returning a signed copy of the form to the applicant. Each such designation shall continue in effect during the particular fiscal year so long as the authorized sheller is in compliance with the requirements and conditions pursuant to § 982.52 applicable to authorized shellers.

(2) When an authorized sheller completes the shelling of a lot of restricted hazelnuts, the sheller shall submit a report thereon to the Board on F/H Form 7 showing:

(i) The date shelling was completed;

(ii) The inspection certificate or lot number;

(iii) The quantity shelled;

(iv) The weight of the kernels produced; and

(v) The location where restricted hazelnuts were held immediately prior to shelling.

(b) Exports. Any handler who desires to act as agent of the Board in negotiating export sales of certified merchantable restricted hazelnuts may do so upon the execution of an “Export Agreement”, F/H Form A, wherein the handler agrees, among other things, to negotiate such export sales at not less than such price as the Board may prescribe, and in conformity to and compliance with the other terms and conditions of the Export Agreement including those set forth in § 982.52(b).

(c) Other authorized outlets. Under the direction or supervision of the Board, a handler may dispose of restricted hazelnuts for charitable purposes and for promoting the consumption of hazelnuts on behalf of the hazelnut industry in general. The report required under § 982.67(b) following each such disposition shall be accompanied by a certification by the person receiving such hazelnuts from the handler that they will be used for charitable or promotional purposes, as authorized.

[26 FR 4191, May 16, 1961. Redesignated at 26 FR 12751, Dec. 30, 1960, as amended at 54 FR 46721, Nov. 7, 1989]