Title 7

SECTION 982.450

982.450 Application of restricted obligation.

§ 982.450 Application of restricted obligation.

(a) Each handler required to withhold restricted hazelnuts pursuant to § 982.50 or § 982.51 shall hold such hazelnuts separate from all other hazelnuts and shall maintain the identity of each lot so withheld. The restricted product withheld must be reported to the Board on F/H Form 1d, Restricted Inshell Certified.

(b) Each handler making the election pursuant to § 982.50(c) in connection with certified merchantable hazelnuts which have not been handled, shall thereupon give written notification to the Board on F/H Form 4 of the particular election and of the weight and identity of the hazelnuts involved.

(c) Pursuant to § 982.50(d), a handler may withdraw from withholding restricted hazelnuts in excess of such handler's restricted obligation upon advising the Board of the weight and lot identity of the hazelnuts to be withdrawn. When the quantity of restricted hazelnuts to be withdrawn from withholding consists of a part of a lot of ungraded hazelnuts, no part of such lot shall be withdrawn unless the remainder of such lot is reinspected and meets the requirements of § 982.51. Handlers will use F/H Form 1d prior to the end of the marketing year or F/H Form 7 after the end of the marketing year, when reporting the withdrawal of restricted hazelnuts from withholding status.

[54 FR 46720, Nov. 7, 1989]