Title 7

SECTION 51.2116

51.2116 Similar varietal characteristics.

§ 51.2116 Similar varietal characteristics.

Similar varietal characteristics means that the kernels are similar in shape and appearance. For example, long types shall not be mixed with short types, or broad types mixed with narrow types, and bitter almonds shall not be mixed with sweet almonds. Color of the kernels shall not be considered, since there is often a marked difference in skin color of kernels of the same variety.

(a) When a lot is specified as “one type,” all kernels shall be the same in shape and appearance; and,

(b) When a lot is specified and carton marked as “California,” kernels present may include any one or a combination of blanchable varieties within the “California” Marketing Classification. In addition, Nonpareil or similar types may be included provided that it does not exceed twenty-five percent (25%), by weight, of the lot.