Title 7

SECTION 51.2113

51.2113 Size requirements.

§ 51.2113 Size requirements.

The size may be specified in terms of range in count of whole almond kernels per ounce or in terms of minimum, or minimum and maximum diameter. When a range in count is specified, the whole kernels shall be fairly uniform in size, and the average count per ounce shall be within the range specified. Doubles and broken kernels shall not be used in determining counts. Count ranges per ounce commonly used are shown below, but other ranges may be specified: Provided, that the kernels are fairly uniform in size.

16 to 18, inclusive. 18 to 20, inclusive. 20 to 22, inclusive. 22 to 24, inclusive. 23 to 25, inclusive. 24 to 26, inclusive. 26 to 28, inclusive. 27 to 30, inclusive. 30 to 34, inclusive. 34 to 40, inclusive. 40 to 50, inclusive. 50 and smaller.