Title 7

SECTION 42.123

42.123 Flow diagram for skip lot sampling and inspection.

§ 42.123 Flow diagram for skip lot sampling and inspection. Notes:

1. Only normal inspection is permitted.

2. All lot selections for the one-half and one-fourth sampling rates must be strictly random (for example, not every other lot or every fourth lot).

3. Two exceptions to the procedures shown above are as follows:

(a) The skip lot sampling and inspection rate of one-half can be instituted immediately if the lots from the producer are currently on, or eligible to be on, reduced inspection and all other conditions in § 42.120 are met. When skip lot inspection begins, however, only normal inspection is permitted.

(b) While inspecting every lot consecutively as offered for inspection, i.e., while not on the one-half or one-fourth rate, if requirements for switching from normal to tightened inspection are met as specified in § 42.108 then skip lot procedures terminate, tightened inspection is initiated, and stationary lot sampling and inspection procedures in Subpart B are instituted. Skip lot procedures may be instituted again only when all conditions of § 42.120 are met.