Title 7


279.3 Content of request for review.

§ 279.3 Content of request for review.

(a) Identifying the request. Requests for review shall clearly identify the administrative action from which the review is requested. This identification shall include the date of the letter or other written communication notifying the firm of the administrative action, the name and title of the person who signed the letter or other communication, and whether the action under appeal concerns a denial of an application or a withdrawal of authorization to participate, a disqualification from further participation, a civil money penalty, or a denial of all or any part of a claim or a fine.

(b) Supporting the request. The request shall include information in support of the request showing the grounds on which review is being sought, or shall state that supporting information will be filed in writing at a later date. In the latter case, the designated reviewer shall notify the firm of the date by which the information must be filed.

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