Title 7

SECTION 1435.308

1435.308 New entrants.

§ 1435.308 New entrants.

(a) The Secretary may assign a new entrant sugarcane processor an allocation that provides a fair, efficient, and equitable distribution of allocations:

(1) Applicants must demonstrate their ability to process, produce, and market sugar for the applicable crop year,

(2) CCC will consider any adverse effects of the allocation upon existing processors and producers,

(3) CCC will conduct a hearing on a new entrant application if an interested processor or grower requests a hearing,

(4) A new entrant's allocation is limited to no more than 50,000 short tons, raw value, for the first crop year, and

(5) A new entrant will be provided, as determined by CCC:

(i) A share of its State's cane allotment if the processor is located in Hawaii, Florida, Louisiana, or Texas or

(ii) A share of the overall mainland cane allotment if the processor is located in any mainland State not listed in paragraph (a)(5)(i) of this section.

(b) For proportionate share States, CCC will establish proportionate shares for the sugarcane required to fill the allocation.

(c) If a new entrant beet processor constructs a new facility or reopens a facility that currently has no allocation, but last produced beet sugar from sugar beets and sugar beet molasses prior to the 1998 crop year, CCC will:

(1) Assign an allocation to the new entrant to enable it to achieve a facility utilization rate comparable to other similarly-situated sugar beet processors and

(2) Reduce all other beet processor allocations by a like amount on a pro rata basis.

(d) If a new entrant acquires an existing facility with production history that processed sugar beets for the 1998 or subsequent crop year, CCC will:

(1) Assign the allocation to the buyer to reflect the historical contribution of the sold facilities, unless the buyer and seller have agreed upon a different allocation amount, or

(2) If the new entrant and the processor holding the allocation of the existing facility cannot agree on an allocation amount, the new entrant will be denied a beet sugar allocation.

[74 FR 15366, Apr. 6, 2009]