Title 7

SECTION 1435.307

1435.307 Transfer of allocation.

§ 1435.307 Transfer of allocation.

(a) If a sugarcane processing facility is sold or transferred to another owner or is closed as part of a corporate consolidation CCC will transfer the allotment allocation to the purchaser or successor.

(b) In proportionate share States, allocations, based on the number of acres of sugarcane base being transferred and the pro rata amount reflecting the grower's contribution to allocation of the processor for the sugarcane base being transferred, will be transferred between facilities if the transfers are based on:

(1) Written consent of the crop-share owners, or their representatives,

(2) Written certification from the processor that will accept the additional sugarcane deliveries that its processing capacity will not be exceeded,

(3) CCC will only consider requests for transfer of allocation submitted during the month of May. The request must include the grower's sugar production history for crop years 1997 through 2003. The facility with the grower's history will be required to certify the history when requested by the grower, and

(4) Allocation transfers will be effective for the next fiscal year after the request is submitted to CCC, that is beginning October 1.

(c) If a sugar beet processing facility or a sugarcane processing facility located in a non-proportionate share State is closed, and the growers that delivered their crops to the closed facility elect to deliver their crops to another processor, the growers may petition the Executive Vice President, CCC, to transfer their share of the allocation from the processor that closed the facility to their new processor. If CCC approves transfer of the allocations, it will distribute the closed facility's allocation based on the contribution of the growers' production history to the closed facility's allocation. CCC may grant the allocation transfer upon:

(1) Written request by a grower to transfer allocation,

(2) Written approval of the processor that will accept the additional deliveries,

(3) Evidence satisfactory to CCC that the new processor has the capacity to accommodate the production of petitioning growers, and

(4) Determinations by the CCC will be made within 60 days after the filing of the petition.

(d) Subject to a transfer of allocation, if any, described in paragraph (c) of this section being completed, CCC will consider a processor to be permanently terminated and eliminate the processor's remaining allocation and distribute it to all other processors on a pro-rata basis when the processor:

(1) Has been dissolved,

(2) Has been liquidated in a bankruptcy proceeding,

(3) Has not processed sugarcane or sugar beets for 2 consecutive crop years,

(4) Has notified CCC that the processor has permanently terminated operations, or

(5) Has been determined by CCC to have permanently terminated operations.

(e) If a processor of beet sugar purchases all the assets of another processor, then CCC will immediately transfer allocation commensurate with the purchased facilities' production history, unless the allocation has already been transferred under paragraph (d) of this section.

(f) If a processor of beet sugar purchases some, but not all, of the assets of another processor, then CCC will assign a pro rata portion of the allocation to the buyer to reflect the historical contribution of the sold facilities, unless the buyer and seller have agreed upon a different allocation amount.

(1) The assignment of the allocation will apply to the crop year in which the sale occurs and for each subsequent year.

(2) The buyer of the facilities as specified in paragraph (e) of this section may fill the assigned allocation with production from other facilities it owns if the purchased facilities lack the production to fill the assigned allocation.

[74 FR 15366, Apr. 6, 2009]