Title 7

SECTION 1435.305

1435.305 State cane sugar allotments.

§ 1435.305 State cane sugar allotments.

(a) Hawaii and Puerto Rico will be allotted a total of 325,000 short tons, raw value, of the cane sugar allotment.

(b) A new entrant cane State will receive an allotment to accommodate a new processor's allocation under 1435.308.

(c) Subject to paragraphs (a) and (b) of this section, the remaining cane States will be allotted, in aggregate, the remaining cane sugar allotment.

(d) The individual cane State allotments, other than a new entrant cane State, will be based on:

(1) Past marketings of cane sugar,

(2) Past processing of cane sugar, and

(3) The ability to market the sugar covered under the allotment assigned to the State.

(e) Past marketings and past processings will each be weighted by 0.25 and the ability to market will be weighted by 0.50 in determining the States' respective cane sugar allotments. The weights may be adjusted, as CCC deems appropriate, for the crop year.

(f) Except when deficits are reassigned as provided in § 1435.309, a processor may fill an allocation of a cane sugar allotment only with sugar processed from sugarcane grown in the State for which the allotment was established.

[67 FR 54928, Aug. 26, 2002. Redesignated and amended at 74 FR 15365, Apr. 6, 2009]