Title 7

SECTION 1435.303

1435.303 Adjustment of the overall allotment quantity.

§ 1435.303 Adjustment of the overall allotment quantity.

(a) The overall allotment quantity may be adjusted, as CCC determines appropriate, but never to a quantity less than 85 percent of the estimated quantity of sugar for domestic human consumption for the crop year:

(1) To avoid forfeiture of sugar loan collateral to CCC,

(2) Ensure adequate supplies of raw and refined sugar in the domestic market, and,

(3) To reflect changes in estimated sugar consumption, stocks, production, or imports based on re-estimates under § 1435.301.

(b) Determinations to adjust the overall allotment quantity will be published in the Federal Register and accompanied by a statement of the reasons for the determination.

(c) The beet sugar allotment, cane sugar allotment, State cane sugar allotments, proportionate shares, and allocations to each sugar beet processor and sugarcane processor will be increased or decreased, as appropriate, to reflect an overall allotment quantity adjustment.

(d) If the overall allotment quantity is reduced under paragraph (a) of this section and the quantity of sugar and sugar products any individual processor marketed by the time of the reduction exceeds the processor's reduced allocation, the quantity of excess sugar or sugar products marketed will be deducted from the processor's allocation under an allotment next established.

[67 FR 54928, Aug. 26, 2002. Redesignated and amended at 74 FR 15365, Apr. 6, 2009]