Title 7

SECTION 1412.49

1412.49 Matters of general applicability.

§ 1412.49 Matters of general applicability.

(a) The regulations in this part and FSA and CCC's interpretation of the regulations in this part and internal agency directives issued to FSA State and county offices are matters of general applicability and are not individually appealable in administrative appeals according to §§ 11.3 and 780.5 of this title. Additionally, the regulations in this part and any decisions of CCC and FSA that are not based on specific facts derived from an individual participant's application, contract, or file are not appealable under part 11 or part 780 of this title. Examples of such decisions include how the program is generally administered, signup deadlines, payment rates, or any other generally applicable matter or determination that is made by CCC or FSA for use in all similarly situated applications. The only extent by which the matters referenced in this section are reviewable administratively in an appeal forum is whether FSA's or CCC's decision to apply the generally applicable matter is factually accurate and in conformance with the regulations in this part.

(b) The relief provisions of 7 CFR part 718 are applicable only to ineligibility and noncompliance decisions. The relief provisions cannot be used to extend a benefit or assistance not otherwise available under law or not otherwise available to others who have satisfied or complied with every eligibility or compliance requirement of the provisions of this part. Equitable relief provisions of part 718 of this title cannot be used to obtain a review of either these regulations, the requirements of this part, the agency's interpretations of this part, or compliance provisions of this part.

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