Title 50


91.31 Return of entries after contest.

§ 91.31 Return of entries after contest.

(a) All entries will be returned by certified mail to the participating artists within 120 days after the contest, unless the artwork is selected to appear at one or more wildlife art expositions. If artwork is returned to the Service because it is undelivered or unclaimed (this may happen if an artist changes address), the Service will not be obligated to trace the location of the artist to return the artwork. Any artist who changes his or her address is responsible for notifying the Service of the change. All unclaimed entries will be destroyed 1 year after the date of the contest.

(b) Artists in the third round of judging will be chosen to appear in a national art tour that will last 1 year. The artwork will be returned to the artists after that period in accordance with the signed participation agreement.

(c) An artist may choose to remove his or her artwork from the tour, but will forfeit contest eligibility for three successive contests.

[72 FR 6488, Feb. 12, 2007]