Title 5

SECTION 1304.4601

1304.4601 Purpose.

§ 1304.4601 Purpose.

(a) This section sets forth OMB's policy and procedures under the Ethics in Government Act of 1978, 18 U.S.C. 207, and the Office of Personnel Management's implementing regulations, 5 CFR part 737, for determining violations of restrictions on post-employment activities and for exercising OMB's administrative enforcement authority.

(b) These regulations bar certain acts by former Government employees which may reasonably give the appearance of making unfair use of prior Government employment and affiliations. OMB acts on the premise that it has the primary responsibility for the enforcement of restrictions on post-employment activities and that criminal enforcement by the Department of Justice should be undertaken only in cases involving aggravated circumstances.

(c) These regulations do not incorporate possible additional restrictions contained in a professional code of conduct to which an employee may also be subject.

(d) Any person who holds a Government position after June 30, 1979, is subject to the restrictions under this section; except that the new provisions applicable to Senior employees designated by the Director of the Office of Government Ethics are effective February 28, 1980.