Title 49

SECTION 219.207

219.207 Fatality.

§ 219.207 Fatality.

(a) In the case of an employee fatality in an accident or incident described in § 219.201, body fluid and tissue specimens must be obtained from the remains of the employee for toxicological testing. To ensure that specimens are collected in a timely fashion, the railroad must immediately notify the appropriate local authority (such as a coroner or medical examiner) of the fatality and the requirements of this subpart, making available the post-mortem shipping kit and requesting the local authority to assist in obtaining the necessary body fluid or tissue specimens. The railroad must also seek the assistance of the custodian of the remains, if the custodian is someone other than the local authority.

(b) If the local authority or custodian of the remains declines to cooperate in obtaining the necessary specimens, the railroad must immediately notify the duty officer at the National Response Center (NRC) at (800) 424-8802 by providing the following information:

(1) Date and location of the accident or incident;

(2) Railroad;

(3) Name of the deceased;

(4) Name and telephone number of custodian of the remains; and

(5) Name and telephone number of local authority contacted.

(c) A coroner, medical examiner, pathologist, Aviation Medical Examiner, or other qualified professional is authorized to remove the required body fluid and tissue specimens from the remains on request of the railroad or FRA pursuant to this part; and, in so acting, such person is the delegate of the FRA Administrator under sections 20107 and 20108 of title 49, United States Code (but not the agent of the Secretary for purposes of the Federal Tort Claims Act (chapter 171 of title 28, United States Code). Such qualified professional may rely upon the representations of the railroad or FRA representative with respect to the occurrence of the event requiring that toxicological tests be conducted and the coverage of the deceased employee under this part.

(d) Appendix C to this part and the instructions included inside the shipping kits specify body fluid and tissue specimens required for toxicological analysis in the case of a fatality.

[66 FR 41973, Aug. 9, 2001, as amended at 81 FR 37933, June 10, 2016]