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Title 49 Part 178 → Subpart L → §178.502

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Title 49Subtitle BChapter ISubchapter CPart 178Subpart L → §178.502

Title 49: Transportation
Subpart L—Non-bulk Performance-Oriented Packaging Standards

§178.502   Identification codes for packagings.

(a) Identification codes for designating kinds of packagings consist of the following:

(1) A numeral indicating the kind of packaging, as follows:

(i) “1” means a drum.

(ii) “2” means a wooden barrel.

(iii) “3” means a jerrican.

(iv) “4” means a box.

(v) “5” means a bag.

(vi) “6” means a composite packaging.

(vii) “7” means a pressure receptacle.

(2) A capital letter indicating the material of construction, as follows:

(i) “A” means steel (all types and surface treatments).

(ii) “B” means aluminum.

(iii) “C” means natural wood.

(iv) “D” means plywood.

(v) “F” means reconstituted wood.

(vi) “G” means fiberboard.

(vii) “H” means plastic.

(viii) “L” means textile.

(ix) “M” means paper, multi-wall.

(x) “N” means metal (other than steel or aluminum).

(xi) “P” means glass, porcelain or stoneware.

(3) A numeral indicating the category of packaging within the kind to which the packaging belongs. For example, for steel drums (“1A”), “1” indicates a non-removable head drum ( i.e., “1A1”) and “2” indicates a removable head drum (i.e., “1A2”).

(b) For composite packagings, two capital letters are used in sequence in the second position of the code, the first indicating the material of the inner receptacle and the second, that of the outer packaging. For example, a plastic receptacle in a steel drum is designated “6HA1”.

(c) For combination packagings, only the code number for the outer packaging is used.

(d) Identification codes are set forth in the standards for packagings in §§178.504 through 178.523 of this subpart.

Note to §178.502: Plastics materials include other polymeric materials such as rubber.

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