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Title 49 Part 1112

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§1112.1   When modified procedure is used.

The Board may decide that a proceeding be heard under modified procedure when it appears that substantially all material issues of fact can be resolved through submission of written statements, and efficient disposition of the proceeding can be accomplished without oral testimony. Modified procedure may be ordered on the Board's initiative, or upon approval of a request by any party.

[47 FR 49558, Nov. 1, 1982, as amended at 61 FR 52712, Oct. 8, 1996]

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§1112.2   Decisions directing modified procedure.

A decision directing that modified procedure be used will set out the schedule for filing verified statements by all parties and will list the names and addresses of all persons who at that time are on the service list in the proceeding. In this part, a statement responding to an opening statement is referred to as a “reply”, and a statement responding to a reply is referred to as a “rebuttal”. Replies to rebuttal material are not permitted. The filing of motions or other pleadings will not automatically stay or delay the established procedural schedule. Parties will adhere to this schedule unless the Board issues an order modifying the schedule.

[47 FR 49558, Nov. 1, 1982, as amended at 61 FR 58491, Nov. 15, 1996]

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§1112.3   Default for failure to comply with schedule; effect of default.

If a party fails to comply with the schedule for submission of verified statements, or any other requirements established by the modified procedure decision, that party will be deemed to be in default and to have waived any further participation in the proceeding. Thereafter, the proceeding may be disposed of without notice to and without participation by parties in default.

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§1112.4   Petitions to intervene.

(a) The Board may grant a petition to intervene in a proceeding set for modified procedure if intervention:

(1) Will not unduly disrupt the schedule for filing verified statements, except for good cause shown; and

(2) Would not unduly broaden the issues raised in the proceeding.

(b) The petition to intervene shall set out:

(1) The petitioner's interest in the proceeding;

(2) Whether the petitioner supports or opposes the relief sought or the action proposed or is otherwise concerned with the issues presented in the proceeding; and

(3) The petitioner's request, if any, for relief.

[47 FR 49558, Nov. 1, 1982, as amended at 61 FR 52712, Oct. 8, 1996]

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§1112.5   Joint pleadings.

Parties with common interests are encouraged to prepare joint pleadings whenever possible.

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§1112.6   Verified statements; contents.

A verified statement should contain all the facts upon which the witness relies, and to the extent that it contains arguments, they should be based only on those facts. Parties filing reply and rebuttal verified statements will be considered to have admitted the truth of material allegations of fact contained in their opponents' statements unless those allegations are specifically challenged. Rebuttal statements shall be confined to issues raised in the reply statements to which they are directed.

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§1112.7   Records in other Board proceedings.

If any portion of the record before the Board in any proceeding other than the proceeding at issue is offered in evidence, a true copy should be presented for the record.

[47 FR 49558, Nov. 1, 1982, as amended at 61 FR 52712, Oct. 8, 1996]

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§1112.8   Verification.

The original of any pleading filed must show the signature, capacity, and seal, if any, of the person administering the oath, and the date thereof.

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§1112.9   Sample verification for statement of fact under modified procedure.

State of __________,

County of __________,


__________ being duly sworn, deposes and says that he has read the foregoing statement, knows the facts asserted there are true and that the same are true as stated.

Signed __________.

Subscribed and sworn to before me this _____ day of __________.

Notary Public of __________.

My Commission expires __________.

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§1112.10   Requests for oral hearings and cross examination.

(a) Requests. Requests for oral hearings in matters originally assigned for handling under modified procedure must include the reasons why the matter cannot be properly resolved under modified procedure. Requests for cross examination of witnesses must include the name of the witness and the subject matter of the desired cross examination.

(b) Disposition. Unless material facts are in dispute, oral hearings will not be held. If held, oral hearings will normally be confined to material issues upon which the parties disagree. The decision setting a matter for oral hearing will define the scope of the hearing.

[61 FR 52712, Oct. 8, 1996]

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§1112.11   Authority of officers.

Except to the extent that they apply only to the conduct of a public hearing, the officer assigned to handle a proceeding under the modified procedure shall have the same authority as officers assigned to conduct oral hearings as described in §1113.3(a) and (b).

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