Title 49


801.2 Presumption of openness.

§ 801.2 Presumption of openness.

(a) In implementing the FOIA, it is the policy of the NTSB to make information available to the public to the greatest extent possible, consistent with the mission of the NTSB. The NTSB will withhold records under the FOIA only when the NTSB reasonably foresees that disclosure would harm an interest protected by a FOIA exemption or is prohibited by law. Whenever the NTSB determines that full disclosure of a requested record is not possible, the NTSB will consider whether partial disclosure is possible and will take reasonable steps to segregate and release nonexempt material. Information the NTSB routinely provides to the public as part of a regular NTSB activity (such as press releases and information disclosed on the NTSB's public Website) may be provided to the public without compliance with this part.

(b) The NTSB will release on its website a “public docket” containing documentation that the agency deemed pertinent to the investigation. Requesters may access these public dockets without submitting a FOIA request. The NTSB encourages all requesters to review the public docket materials before submitting a FOIA request.