Title 49


700.3 Availability of documents, assistance, and information.

§ 700.3 Availability of documents, assistance, and information.

(a) A member of the public having need for assistance or information concerning any of the matters described in § 700.2 should address his or her concerns in a letter or other written communication directed to the appropriate vice president or to the Director of Corporate Communications. Amtrak will bring such communications to the attention of the appropriate official if they are misdirected in the first instance. Formal requests for “records” under 5 U.S.C. 552(a)(3) of the Freedom of Information Act are to be made in accordance with the provisions of 49 CFR 701.4.

(b) The National Train Timetables described in § 700.2(f) are widely distributed in the continental United States and are available in major cities in Europe, Canada and Mexico. When they are updated (usually in April and October each year) each printing involves about 1,000,000 copies. They are ordinarily available at staffed Amtrak stations and copies are usually kept on hand in the offices of about 9800 travel agents who are authorized to sell Amtrak tickets. A person unable to obtain a copy locally should request one from the Director of Corporate Communications at the Washington, DC headquarters. The timetable depicts the major Amtrak train routes on a map of the United States, and most of the remainder of the booklet shows the schedules for specific trains. Several pages are used to offer travel information dealing with the availability of assistance to handicapped travellers, red cap service, purchase of tickets on board, use of credit cards and personal checks, handling of baggage, refunds for unused tickets and similar matters.

(c) Also available to members of the public at most staffed Amtrak stations, and usually maintained in the offices of travel agencies authorized to sell Amtrak tickets, is a copy of the Reservations and Ticketing Manual (RTM) which constitutes a compendium of information governing Amtrak employees in furnishing transportation to the travelling public. It contains substantial segments dedicated to the following topics: Amtrak's computer system and its communication codes; interline service agreements; passenger and baggage services; customer relations functions; reservations policy and procedures; acceptance of checks and credit cards; refunds; missed connection policies; ticketing; accommodations; employee pass travel; location maps for Amtrak stations; and intermodal state maps.

(d) A full statement of Amtrak's tariffs containing the fares for point-to-point travel, regional plan travel and all relevant travel conditions, such as excursions, discounts, family plans, accommodations, etc., is contained in the privately published Official Railway Guide, which is available by subscription from its publisher at 424 West 33rd Street, New York, New York 10001. A copy of the guide can usually be found at each staffed Amtrak station, and at the offices of travel agents authorized to sell Amtrak tickets. Tariff changes which occur between issues of the Guide are published and widely distributed by Amtrak pending their publication in the next issue of the Guide.

(e) Each of the documents described in paragraphs (b) through (d) of this section is available to the public for inspection during regular business hours at the office of Amtrak's Freedom of Information Office at its headquarters at 400 North Capitol Street, NW., Washington, DC 20001, and at the office of the Division Manager, Human Resources, in New Haven, Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. Each document has its own index. Since each index is useful only in connection with the document to which it pertains, and since requests for indices are uncommon, Amtrak has determined that publication of its indices as described in 5 U.S.C. 552(a)(2) would be unnecessary and impracticable.