Title 49

SECTION 659.39

659.39 Oversight agency reporting to the Federal Transit Administration.

§ 659.39 Oversight agency reporting to the Federal Transit Administration.

(a) Initial submission. Each designated oversight agency with a rail fixed guideway system that is in passenger operations as of April 29, 2005 or will begin passenger operations by May 1, 2006, must make its initial submission to FTA by May 1, 2006. In states with rail fixed guideway systems initiating passenger operations after May 1, 2006, the designated oversight agency must make its initial submission within the time frame specified by the state in its designation submission, but not later than at least sixty (60) days prior to initiation of passenger operations. Any time a state changes its designated oversight agency to carry out the requirements identified in this part, the new oversight agency must make a new initial submission to FTA within thirty (30) days of the designation.

(b) An initial submission must include the following:

(1) Oversight agency program standard and referenced procedures; and

(2) Certification that the system safety program plan and the system security plan have been developed, reviewed, and approved.

(c) Annual submission. Before March 15 of each year, the oversight agency must submit the following to FTA:

(1) A publicly available annual report summarizing its oversight activities for the preceding twelve months, including a description of the causal factors of investigated accidents, status of corrective actions, updates and modifications to rail transit agency program documentation, and the level of effort used by the oversight agency to carry out its oversight activities.

(2) A report documenting and tracking findings from three-year safety review activities, and whether a three-year safety review has been completed since the last annual report was submitted.

(3) Program standard and supporting procedures that have changed during the preceding year.

(4) Certification that any changes or modifications to the rail transit agency system safety program plan or system security plan have been reviewed and approved by the oversight agency.

(d) Periodic submission. FTA retains the authority to periodically request program information.

(e) Electronic reporting. All submissions to FTA required in this part must be submitted electronically using a reporting system specified by FTA.