Title 49

SECTION 659.37

659.37 Corrective action plans.

§ 659.37 Corrective action plans.

(a) The oversight agency must, at a minimum, require the development of a corrective action plan for the following:

(1) Results from investigations, in which identified causal and contributing factors are determined by the rail transit agency or oversight agency as requiring corrective actions; and

(2) Findings from safety and security reviews performed by the oversight agency.

(b) Each corrective action plan should identify the action to be taken by the rail transit agency, an implementation schedule, and the individual or department responsible for the implementation.

(c) The corrective action plan must be reviewed and formally approved by the oversight agency.

(d) The oversight agency must establish a process to resolve disputes between itself and the rail transit agency resulting from the development or enforcement of a corrective action plan.

(e) The oversight agency must identify the process by which findings from an NTSB accident investigation will be evaluated to determine whether or not a corrective action plan should be developed by either the oversight agency or rail transit agency to address NTSB findings.

(f) The rail transit agency must provide the oversight agency:

(1) Verification that the corrective action(s) has been implemented as described in the corrective action plan, or that a proposed alternate action(s) has been implemented subject to oversight agency review and approval; and

(2) Periodic reports requested by the oversight agency, describing the status of each corrective action(s) not completely implemented, as described in the corrective action plan.

(g) The oversight agency must monitor and track the implementation of each approved corrective action plan.