Title 49

SECTION 659.33

659.33 Accident notification.

§ 659.33 Accident notification.

(a) The oversight agency must require the rail transit agency to notify the oversight agency within two (2) hours of any incident involving a rail transit vehicle or taking place on rail transit-controlled property where one or more of the following occurs:

(1) A fatality at the scene; or where an individual is confirmed dead within thirty (30) days of a rail transit-related incident;

(2) Injuries requiring immediate medical attention away from the scene for two or more individuals;

(3) Property damage to rail transit vehicles, non-rail transit vehicles, other rail transit property or facilities and non-transit property that equals or exceeds $25,000;

(4) An evacuation due to life safety reasons;

(5) A collision at a grade crossing;

(6) A main-line derailment;

(7) A collision with an individual on a rail right of way; or

(8) A collision between a rail transit vehicle and a second rail transit vehicle, or a rail transit non-revenue vehicle.

(b) The oversight agency shall require rail transit agencies that share track with the general railroad system and are subject to the Federal Railroad Administration notification requirements, to notify the oversight agency within two (2) hours of an incident for which the rail transit agency must also notify the Federal Railroad Administration.

(c) The oversight agency shall identify in its program standard the method of notification and the information to be provided by the rail transit agency