Title 49

SECTION 604.47

604.47 Remedies.

§ 604.47 Remedies.

(a) If the Chief Counsel determines that a violation of this part occurred, he or she may take one or more of the following actions:

(1) Bar the recipient from receiving future Federal financial assistance from FTA;

(2) Order the withholding of a reasonable percentage of available Federal financial assistance; or

(3) Pursue suspension and debarment of the recipient, its employees, or its contractors.

(b) In determining the type and amount of remedy, the Chief Counsel shall consider the following factors:

(1) The nature and circumstances of the violation;

(2) The extent and gravity of the violation (“extent of deviation from regulatory requirements”);

(3) The revenue earned (“economic benefit”) by providing the charter service;

(4) The operating budget of the recipient;

(5) Such other matters as justice may require; and

(6) Whether a recipient provided service described in a cease and desist order after issuance of such order by the Chief Counsel.

(c) The Chief Counsel office may mitigate the remedy when the recipient can document corrective action of alleged violation. The Chief Counsel's decision to mitigate a remedy shall be determined on the basis of how much corrective action was taken by the recipient and when it was taken. Systemic action to prevent future violations will be given greater consideration than action simply to remedy violations identified during FTA's inspection or identified in a complaint.

(d) In the event the Chief Counsel finds a pattern of violations, the remedy ordered shall bar a recipient from receiving Federal transit assistance in an amount that the Chief Counsel considers appropriate.

(e) The Chief Counsel may make a decision to withhold Federal financial assistance in a lump sum or over a period of time not to exceed five years.