Title 49

SECTION 604.31

604.31 Service.

§ 604.31 Service.

(a) Designation of person to receive service. The initial document filed by the complainant shall state on the first page of the document for all parties to be served:

(1) The title of the document;

(2) The name, post office address, telephone number; and

(3) The facsimile number, if any, and e-mail address(es), if any.

If any of the above items change during the proceeding, the person shall promptly file notice of the change with FTA and the Presiding Official, if appropriate, and shall serve the notice on all other parties to the proceeding.

(b) Docket numbers. Each submission identified as a complaint under this part by the submitting party shall be filed in the Charter Service Complaint docket FTA-2007-0025.

(c) Who must be served. Copies of all documents filed with FTA shall be served by the entity filing them on all parties to the proceeding. A certificate of service shall accompany all documents when they are tendered for filing and shall certify concurrent service on FTA and all parties. Certificates of service shall be in substantially the following form:

I hereby certify that I have this day served the foregoing [name of document] on the following persons at the following addresses and e-mail or facsimile numbers (if also served by e-mail or facsimile) by [specify method of service]: [list persons, addresses, and e-mail or facsimile numbers] Dated this ____ day of ____, 20__. [signature], for [party]

(d) Method of service. Except as otherwise provided in § 604.26, or agreed by the parties and the Presiding Official, as appropriate, the method of service is personal delivery or U.S. mail.

(e) Presumption of service. There shall be a presumption of lawful service:

(1) When acknowledgment of receipt is by a person who customarily or in the ordinary course of business receives mail at the address of the party or of the person designated under this section; or

(2) When a properly addressed envelope, sent to the last known address has been returned as undeliverable, unclaimed, or refused.