Title 49

SECTION 604.27

604.27 Complaints, answers, replies, and other documents.

§ 604.27 Complaints, answers, replies, and other documents.

(a) A registered charter provider, or its duly authorized representative (“complainant”), affected by an alleged noncompliance of this part may file a complaint with the Office of the Chief Counsel.

(b) Complaints filed under this subpart shall:

(1) Be titled “Notice of Charter Service Complaint”;

(2) State the name and address of each recipient that is the subject of the complaint and, with respect to each recipient, the specific provisions of this part that the complainant believes were violated;

(2) Be served in accordance with § 604.31, along with all documents then available in the exercise of reasonable diligence, offered in support of the complaint, upon all recipients named in the complaint as being responsible for the alleged action(s) or omission(s) upon which the complaint is based;

(3) Provide a concise but complete statement of the facts relied upon to substantiate each allegation (complainant must show by a preponderance of the evidence that the recipient provided charter service and that such service did not fall within one of the exemptions or exceptions set out in this part);

(4) Describe how the complainant was directly and substantially affected by the things done or omitted by the recipients;

(5) Identify each registered charter provider associated with the complaint; and

(6) Be filed within 90 days after the alleged event giving rise to the complaint occurred.

(c) Unless the complaint is dismissed pursuant to § 604.28 or § 604.29, FTA shall notify the complainant, respondent, and state recipient, if applicable, within 30 days after the date FTA receives the complaint that the complaint has been docketed. Respondent shall have 30 days from the date of service of the FTA notification to file an answer.

(d) The complainant may file a reply within 20 days of the date of service of the respondent's answer.

(e) The respondent may file a rebuttal within 10 days of the date of service of the reply.

(f) The answer, reply, and rebuttal shall, like the complaint, be accompanied by the supporting documentation upon which the submitter relies.

(g) The answer shall deny or admit the allegations made in the complaint or state that the entity filing the document is without sufficient knowledge or information to admit or deny an allegation, and shall assert any affirmative defense.

(h) The answer, reply, and rebuttal shall each contain a concise but complete statement of the facts relied upon to substantiate the answers, admissions, denials, or averments made.

(i) The respondent's answer may include a motion to dismiss the complaint, or any portion thereof, with a supporting memorandum of points and authorities.

(j) The complainant may withdraw a complaint at any time after filing by serving a “Notification of Withdrawal” on the Chief Counsel and the respondent.