Title 49


593.8 Determinations on the agency's initiative.

§ 593.8 Determinations on the agency's initiative.

(a) The Administrator may make a determination of eligibility on his or her own initiative. The agency publishes in the Federal Register, affording opportunity for comment, a notice containing the information available to the agency (other than confidential information) relevant to the basis upon which eligibility may be determined.

(b) No public hearing, argument, or other formal proceeding is held upon a notice published under this section.

(c) The Administrator publishes a second notice in the Federal Register in which (s)he announces his or her determination whether the vehicle is eligible or ineligible for importation, and states the reasons for the determination. A notice of ineligibility also announces that no further determination for the same model of motor vehicle will be made for at least 3 months following the date of publication of the notice. There is no administrative reconsideration available for a decision of ineligibility.