Title 49


592.4 Definitions.

§ 592.4 Definitions.

All terms in this part that are defined in 49 U.S.C. 30102 and 30125 are used as defined therein.

Administrator means the Administrator, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Convicted of a crime means receiving a criminal conviction in the United States or in a foreign jurisdiction, whether entered on a verdict or plea, including a plea of nolo contendere, for which sentence has been imposed.

Independent insurance company means an entity that is registered with any State and authorized by that State to conduct an insurance business including the issuance or underwriting of a service insurance policy, none of whose affiliates, shareholders, officers, directors, or employees, or any person in affinity with such, is employed by, or has a financial interest in, or otherwise controls or participates in the business of, a Registered Importer to which it issues or underwrites a service insurance policy.

NHTSA means the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Principal, with respect to a Registered Importer, means any officer of a corporation, a general partner of a partnership, or the sole proprietor of a sole proprietorship. The term includes a director of an incorporated Registered Importer, and any person whose ownership interest in a Registered Importer is 10% or more.

Registered Importer means any person that the Administrator has registered as an importer pursuant to section 592.5(b).

Safety recall means a notification and remedy campaign conducted pursuant to 49 U.S.C. 30118-30120 to address a noncompliance with a Federal motor vehicle safety standard or a defect that relates to motor vehicle safety.

Service insurance policy means any policy issued or underwritten by an independent insurance company which covers a specific motor vehicle and guarantees that any noncompliance with a Federal motor vehicle safety standard or defect related to motor vehicle safety determined to exist in that vehicle will be remedied without charge to the owner of the vehicle.

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