Title 49

SECTION 583.12

583.12 Suppliers of engines and transmissions.

§ 583.12 Suppliers of engines and transmissions.

(a) For each engine or transmission for which a manufacturer or allied supplier requests information, the supplier of such engine or transmission shall provide the manufacturer or allied supplier with a certificate providing the following information:

(1) The name and address of the supplier;

(2) A description of the engine or transmission;

(3) The country of origin of the engine or transmission, determined under § 583.8;

(4) A certification for the information, pursuant to § 583.13, and the date (at least giving the month and year) of the certification.

(b) The information provided in the certificate shall be the supplier's best estimate of country of origin for the unique type of engine or transmission. If the unique type of equipment used in the engine or transmission is expected to vary with respect to price, content, and country of origin during that period, the supplier shall base its country of origin determination on expected averages for these factors.

(c) The information and certification required by paragraph (a) of this section shall be provided by outside suppliers to the manufacturer or allied supplier no later than 45 days after receipt of the request, or the date specified by the manufacturer/allied supplier, whichever is later. (A manufacturer or allied supplier may request that the outside supplier voluntarily provide the information and certification at an earlier date.)

(d) In the event that, during a model year, a supplier of engines or transmissions produces an engine of a new displacement or transmission of a new type or produces the same engine displacement or transmission in a different plant, the supplier shall notify the manufacturer of the origin of the new engine or transmission prior to shipment of the first engine or transmission that will be installed in a passenger motor vehicle intended for public sale.

(e) A single certificate may cover multiple engines or transmissions. If a certificate provided in advance of the delivery of an engine or transmission becomes inaccurate because of changed circumstances, a corrected certificate shall be provided no later than the time of delivery of the engine or transmission.

(f) For suppliers of engines and transmissions, the information and certification required by this section is in addition to that required by §§ 583.10 and 583.11.