Title 49


555.5 Application for exemption.

§ 555.5 Application for exemption.

(a) A manufacturer of motor vehicles or passenger motor vehicles may apply to NHTSA for a temporary exemption from any Federal motor vehicle safety or bumper standard or for a renewal of any exemption on the bases of substantial economic hardship, making easier the development or field evaluation of new motor vehicle safety or impact protection, or low-emission vehicle features, or that compliance with a standard would prevent it from selling a vehicle with an overall level of safety or impact protection at least equal to that of nonexempted vehicles.

(b) Each application filed under this part for an exemption or its renewal must -

(1) Be written in the English language;

(2) Be submitted in three copies to: Administrator, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Washington, DC 20590;

(3) State the full name and address of the applicant, the nature of its organization (individual, partnership, corporation, etc.) and the name of the State or country under the laws of which it is organized;

(4) State the number and title, and the text or substance of the standard or portion thereof from which the temporary exemption is sought, and the length of time desired for such exemption;

(5) Set forth the basis for the application and the information required by § 555.6(a), (b), (c), or (d) as appropriate.

(6) Specify any part of the information and data submitted which petitioner requests be withheld from public disclosure in accordance with part 512 of this chapter.

(i) The information and data which petitioner requests be withheld from public disclosure must be submitted in accordance with § 512.4 of this chapter.

(ii) The petitioner's request for withholding from public disclosure must be accompanied by a certification in support as set forth in appendix A to part 512 of this chapter.

(7) Set forth the reasons why the granting of the exemption would be in the public interest, and, as applicable, consistent with the objectives of 49 U.S.C. Chapter 301 or Chapter 325.

(c) The knowing and willful submission of false, fictitious or fraudulent information will subject the petitioner to the civil and criminal penalties of 18 U.S.C. 1001.

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