Title 49

SECTION 387.417

387.417 Fiduciaries.

§ 387.417 Fiduciaries.

(a) Interpretations. The terms “insured” and “principal” as used in a certificate of insurance, surety bond, and notice of cancellation, filed by or for a freight forwarder, include the freight forwarder and its fiduciary (as defined at 49 CFR 387.319(a)) as of the moment of succession.

(b) Span of security coverage. The coverage furnished for a fiduciary shall not apply after the effective date of other insurance or security, filed with and accepted by the FMCSA for such fiduciary. After the coverage shall have been in effect 30 days, it may be cancelled or withdrawn within the succeeding 30 days by the insurer, the insured, the surety, or the principal 10 days after the FMCSA receives written notice. After such coverage has been in effect 60 days, it may be cancelled or withdrawn only in accordance with § 387.413(d).

[55 FR 11201, Mar. 27, 1990. Redesignated at 61 FR 54710, Oct. 21, 1996, as amended at 62 FR 49942, Sept. 24, 1997]