Title 49

SECTION 386.66

386.66 Motions for rehearing or for modification.

§ 386.66 Motions for rehearing or for modification.

(a) No motion for rehearing or for modification of an order shall be entertained for 1 year following the date the Assistant Administrator's order goes into effect. After 1 year, any party may file a motion with the Assistant Administrator requesting a rehearing or modification of the order. The motion must contain the following:

(1) A copy of the order about which the change is requested;

(2) A statement of the changed circumstances justifying the request; and

(3) Copies of all evidence intended to be relied on by the party submitting the motion.

(b) Upon receipt of the motion, the Assistant Administrator may make a decision denying the motion or modifying the order in whole or in part. He/she may also, prior to making his/her decision, order such other proceedings under these rules as he/she deems necessary and may request additional information from the party making the motion.