Title 49

SECTION 386.56

386.56 Hearings.

§ 386.56 Hearings.

(a) As soon as practicable after his/her appointment, the administrative law judge shall issue an order setting the date, time, and place for the hearing. The order shall be served on the parties and become a part of the record of the proceedings. The order may be amended for good cause shown.

(b) Conduct of hearing. The administrative law judge presides over the hearing. Hearings are open to the public unless the administrative law judge orders otherwise.

(c) Evidence. Except as otherwise provided in these rules and the Administrative Procedure Act, 5 U.S.C. 551 et seq., the Federal Rules of Evidence shall be followed.

(d) Information obtained by investigation. Any document, physical exhibit, or other material obtained by the Administration in an investigation under its statutory authority may be disclosed by the Administration during the proceeding and may be offered in evidence by counsel for the Administration.

(e) Record. The hearing shall be stenographically transcribed and reported. The transcript, exhibits, and other documents filed in the proceedings shall constitute the official record of the proceedings. A copy of the transcript and exhibits will be made available to any person upon payment of prescribed costs.