Title 49

SECTION 386.36

386.36 Motions for final agency order.

§ 386.36 Motions for final agency order.

(a) Generally. Unless otherwise provided in this section, the motion and answer will be governed by § 386.34. Either party may file a motion for final order. The motion must be served in accordance with §§ 386.6 and 386.7. If the matter is still pending before the service center, upon filing, the matter is officially transferred from the service center to the Agency decisionmaker, who will then preside over the matter.

(b) Form and content. (1) Movant's filing must contain a motion and memorandum of law, which may be separate or combined and must include all responsive pleadings, notices, and other filings in the case to date.

(2) The motion for final order must be accompanied by written evidence in accordance with § 386.49.

(3) The motion will state with particularity the grounds upon which it is based and the substantial matters of law to be argued. A Final Agency Order may be issued if, after reviewing the record in a light most favorable to the non-moving party, the Agency decisionmaker determines no genuine issue exists as to any material fact.

(c) Answer to Motion. The non-moving party will, within 45 days of service of the motion for final order, submit and serve a response to rebut movant's motion.

[70 FR 28483, May 18, 2005]