Title 49

SECTION 384.210

384.210 Limitation on licensing.

§ 384.210 Limitation on licensing.

A State must not knowingly issue a CLP, a CDL, or a commercial special license or permit (including a provisional or temporary license) permitting a person to drive a CMV during a period in which:

(a) A person is disqualified from operating a CMV, as disqualification is defined in § 383.5 of this subchapter, or under the provisions of § 383.73(j) or § 384.231(b)(2) of this subchapter;

(b) The CLP or CDL holder's noncommercial driving privilege has been disqualified; or

(c) Any type of driver's license held by such person is disqualified by the State where the driver is licensed for any State or local law related to motor vehicle traffic control (other than parking, vehicle weight or vehicle defect violations).

[76 FR 26894, May 9, 2011]