Title 49

SECTION 381.410

381.410 What may I do if I have an idea or suggestion for a pilot program

§ 381.410 What may I do if I have an idea or suggestion for a pilot program?

(a) You may send a written statement (for example, a typed or handwritten (printed) letter) to the Administrator, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, 1200 New Jersey Ave., SE., Washington, DC 20590-0001.

(b) You should identify the persons or class of persons who would be covered by the pilot program exemptions. Your letter should include:

(1) Your name, job title, mailing address, and daytime telephone number;

(2) The name of the individuals or motor carrier that would be responsible for the use or operation of CMVs covered by the pilot program, if there are motor carriers that have expressed an interest in participating in the program;

(3) Principal place of business for the motor carrier (street address, city, State, and zip code); and

(4) The USDOT identification number for the motor carrier.

(c) You should provide a written statement that:

(1) Presents your estimate of the potential benefits to the motor carrier industry, the FMCSA, and the general public if the pilot program is conducted, and describes how you developed your estimate;

(2) Estimates of the amount of time that would be needed to conduct the pilot program (e.g., the time needed to complete the collection and analysis of data);

(3) Identifies the regulation from which the participants would need to be exempted;

(4) Recommends a reasonable number of participants necessary to yield statistically valid findings;

(5) Provides ideas or suggestions for a monitoring plan to ensure that participants comply with the terms and conditions of participation;

(6) Provides ideas or suggestions for a plan to protect the health and safety of study participants and the general public.

(7) Assesses the safety impacts the pilot program exemption may have; and

(8) Provides recommendations on how the safety measures in the pilot project would be designed to achieve a level of safety that is equivalent to, or greater than, the level of safety that would be obtained by complying with the regulation.

(d) Your recommendation should include a copy of all research reports, technical papers, publications and other documents you reference.

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