Title 49

SECTION 380.707

380.707 Entry-level training provider.

§ 380.707 Entry-level training provider.

(a) Training providers must require all accepted applicants for behind-the-wheel (BTW) training to certify that they will comply U.S. Department of Transportation regulations in parts 40, 382, 383, and 391, as well as State and/or local laws, related to controlled substances testing, age, medical certification, licensing, and driving record. Training providers must verify that all accepted BTW applicants or Class A theory instruction upgrade curriculum applicants hold a valid commercial learner's permit or commercial driver's license, as applicable.

(b) Training providers offering online training must ensure that the content is prepared and/or delivered by a theory instructor, as defined in § 380.605.

(c) Separate training providers may deliver the theory and BTW portions of the training, but both portions (range and public road) of the BTW training must be delivered by the same training provider.

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