Title 49

SECTION 374.401

374.401 Minimum permissible limitations for baggage liability.

§ 374.401 Minimum permissible limitations for baggage liability.

Motor carriers of passengers and baggage subject to 49 U.S.C. 13501 may not publish tariff provisions limiting their liability for loss or damage to baggage checked by a passenger transported in regular route or special operations unless:

(a) The amount for which liability is limited is $250 or greater per adult fare; and

(b) The provisions permit the passenger, for an additional charge, to declare a value in excess of the limited amount, and allow the passenger to recover the increased amount (but not higher than the actual value) in event of loss or damage. The carriers may publish a maximum value for which they will be liable, but that maximum value may not be less than $1,000. Appropriate identification must be attached securely by the passenger to each item of baggage checked, indicating in a clear and legible manner the name and address to which the baggage should be forwarded if lost and subsequently recovered. Identification tags shall be made immediately available by the carriers to passengers upon request.

(c) Carriers need not offer excess value coverage on articles listed in § 374.307(c)(3).

[81 FR 68345, Oct. 4, 2016]