Title 49

SECTION 374.305

374.305 Ticketing and information.

§ 374.305 Ticketing and information.

(a) Information service. (1) During business hours at each terminal or station, information shall be provided as to schedules, tickets, fares, baggage, and other carrier services.

(2) Carrier agents and personnel who sell or offer to sell tickets, or who provide information concerning tickets and carrier services, shall be competent and adequately informed.

(b) Telephone information service. Every facility where tickets are sold shall provide telephonic information to the traveling public, including current bus schedules and fare information, when open for ticket sales.

(c) Schedules. Printed, regular-route schedules shall be provided to the traveling public at all facilities where tickets for such services are sold. Each schedule shall show the points along the carrier's route(s) where facilities are located or where the bus trips originate or terminate, and each schedule shall indicate the arrival or departure time for each such point.

(d) Ticket refunds. Each carrier shall refund unused tickets upon request, consistent with its governing tariff, at each place where tickets are sold, within 30 days after the request.

(e) Announcements. No scheduled bus (except in commuter service) shall depart from a terminal or station until a public announcement of the departure and boarding point has been given. The announcement shall be given at least 5 minutes before the initial departure and before departures from points where the bus is scheduled to stop for more than 5 minutes.