Title 49

SECTION 374.303

374.303 Definitions.

§ 374.303 Definitions.

(a) Carrier means a motor passenger carrier.

(b) Bus means a passenger-carrying vehicle, regardless of design or seating capacity, used in a carrier's authorized operations.

(c) Facility means any structure provided by or for a carrier at or near which buses pick up or discharge passengers.

(d) Terminal means a facility operated or used by a carrier chiefly to furnish passengers transportation services and accommodations.

(e) Station means a facility, other than a terminal, operated by or for a carrier to accommodate passengers.

(f) Service means passenger transportation by bus over regular routes.

(g) Commuter service, means passenger transportation wholly between points not more than 100 airline miles apart and not involving through-bus, connecting, or interline services to or from points beyond 100 airline miles. The usual characteristics of commuter service include reduced fare, multiple-ride, and commutation tickets, and peak morning and evening operations.

(h) Baggage means property a passenger takes with him for his personal use or convenience.

(i) Restroom means a room in a bus or terminal equipped with a toilet, washbowl, soap or a reasonable alternative, mirror, wastebasket, and toilet paper.

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