Title 49

SECTION 372.221

372.221 Twin Cities.

§ 372.221 Twin Cities.

For the purpose of determining commercial zones, utilizing the general population-mileage formula as set forth in § 372.241, each of the following combinations of cities shall be considered as a single municipality:

(a) Having a population equal to the sum of their combined populations, and

(b) Having boundaries comprised of their combined corporate limits, with the common portion thereof disregarded:

(1) Bluefield, Va.-W. Va.

(2) Bristol, Va.-Tenn.

(3) Davenport, Iowa, and Rock Island and Moline, Ill.

(4) Delmar, Del-Md.

(5) Harrison, Ohio-West Harrison, Ind.

(6) Junction City, Ark.-La.

(7) Kansas City, Mo.-Kansas City, Kans.

(8) Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minn.

(9) St. Louis, Mo.-East St. Louis, Ill.

(10) Texarkana, Ark.-Tex.

(11) Texhoma, Tex.-Okla.

(12) Union City, Ind.-Ohio.

[41 FR 56654, Dec. 29, 1976, as amended at 62 FR 15422, Apr. 1, 1997]