Title 49

SECTION 372.207

372.207 Charleston, WV.

§ 372.207 Charleston, WV.

The zone adjacent to, and commercially a part of Charleston, W. Va., within which transportation by motor vehicle in interstate or foreign commerce, not under common control, management, or arrangement for a continuous carriage or shipment to or from a point beyond such zone, is partially exempt from regulation under 49 U.S.C. 13506(b)(1) includes and is comprised of all points as follows:

(a) The municipality of Charleston, W. Va., itself;

(b) All points within a line drawn 6 miles beyond the municipal limits of Charleston;

(c) Those points in Kanawha County, W. Va., which are not within the area described in paragraph (b) of this section; and those points in Putnam County, W. Va., south of West Virginia Highway 34;

(d) All of any municipality any part of which is within the limits of the combined areas defined in paragraphs (b) and (c) of this section, and

(e) All of any municipality wholly surrounded, or so surrounded except for a water boundary, by the municipality of Charleston or by any other municipality included under the terms of paragraph (d) of this section.

[41 FR 56653, Dec. 29, 1976, as amended at 62 FR 15422, Apr. 1, 1997]