Title 49

SECTION 372.115

372.115 Commodities that are not exempt under 49 U.S.C. 13506(a)(6).

§ 372.115 Commodities that are not exempt under 49 U.S.C. 13506(a)(6).

49 U.S.C. 13506(a)(6) provides an exemption from regulation for motor vehicles used in carrying ordinary livestock, fish, and unmanufactured agricultural commodities. Certain specific commodities have been statutorily determined to be non-exempt. Administrative Ruling No. 133, which is reproduced below, is a list of those commodities that are non-exempt by statute.

Administrative Ruling No. 133 List of Commodities That Are Not Exempt by Statute Under 49 U.S.C. 13506(a)(6) Animal fats Butter Canned fruits and vegetables Carnauba wax as imported in slabs or chunks Cattle, slaughtered Charcoal Cheese Coal Cocoa beans Coffee, beans, roasted, or instant Copra meal Cotton yarn Cottonseed cake or meal Diatomaceous earth Dinners, frozen Feeds: Alfalfa meal Alfalfa pellets Beet pulp Bran shorts Copra meal Corn gluten Distilled corn grain residues, with or without solubles added Fish meal Hominy feed Middlings Pelletized ground refuse screenings Wheat bran Wheat shorts Fertilizer, commercial Fish: Canned or salted as a treatment for preserving Cooked or partially cooked fish or shrimp, frozen or unfrozen Hermetically sealed in containers as a treatment for preserving Oil from fishes Preserved, or treated for preserving, such as smoked, salted, pickled, spiced, corned or kippered Flagstone Flaxseed meal Flour Forest products: Resin products, such as turpentine Fruits and Berries: Bananas, fresh, dried, dehydrated, or frozen Canned Frozen Hulls of oranges after juice extractions Juice, fruit, plain or concentrated Pies, frozen Preserved, such as jam Purees, strawberry and other, frozen Grains: Oils extracted from grain Popcorn, popped Rice, precooked Wheat germ Gravel Hair, hog or other animal, product of slaughter of animal Hay, sweetened with 3 percent molasses by weight Hemp fiber Hides, green and salted Insecticides Limestone, agricultural Livestock: Monkeys Race horses Show horses Zoo animals Lumber, rough sawed or planed Maple syrup Meal: Alfalfa Copra Cottonseed Fish Flaxseed Linseed Peanut Soybean Meat and meat products, fresh, frozen or canned Milk and Cream: Chocolate Condensed Sterilized in hermetically sealed cans Molasses Nuts (including peanuts): Peanut meal Roasted or boiled Oil, mint Oil, extracted from vegetables, grain, seed, fish or other commodity Pelts Pies, frozen Pigeons, racing Pulp, beet Pulp, sugar cane Rock (except natural crushed, vesicular rock to be used for decorative purposes) Rubber, crude, in bales Rubber, latex, natural, liquid, from which water has been extracted and to which ammonia has been added Sand Seeds: Oil extracted from seeds Skins, animal Soil, potting Soil, top Soup, frozen Sugar Sugar cane pulp Sugar raw Syrup, cane Syrup, maple Tea Tobacco: Cigars and cigarettes Homogenized Smoking Top Soil Trees: Sawed into lumber Vegetables: Candied sweet potatoes, frozen Canned Cooked French fried potatoes Oil, extracted from vegetables Soup, frozen Soybean meal Wool imported from a foreign country Wool tops and noils Wool waste (carded, spun, woven, or knitted) Wool yarn Note 1:

Under 49 U.S.C. 13506(a)(6)(D), any listed fish or shellfish product that is not intended for human consumption is exempt.

Note 2:

Under 49 U.S.C. 13506(a)(6)(E), any listed livestock feed, poultry feed, agricultural seeds, or plants that are transported to a site of agricultural production or to a business enterprise engaged in the sale to agricultural producers of goods used in agricultural production is exempt

[53 FR 17707, May 18, 1988, as amended at 62 FR 15421, Apr. 1, 1997]