Title 49

SECTION 299.607

299.607 Pre-revenue service system integration testing.

§ 299.607 Pre-revenue service system integration testing.

(a) Prior to commencing revenue operations, the railroad shall conduct tests of the trainsets throughout the system to -

(1) Verify mechanical positioning of the overhead catenary system; and

(2) Verify performance of the trainset, track, and signal and trainset control systems.

(b) The railroad shall demonstrate safe operation of the system during normal and degraded-mode operating conditions. At a minimum, the following operation tests shall be performed:

(1) Slow-speed operation of a trainset;

(2) Verification of correct overhead catenary and pantograph interaction;

(3) Verification of trainset clearance at structures and passenger platforms;

(4) Incremental increase of trainset speed;

(5) Performance tests on trainsets to verify braking rates in accordance with § 299.409;

(6) Verification of vehicle noise;

(7) Verification of correct vehicle suspension characteristics;

(8) Vehicle/track system qualification as defined in § 299.609;

(9) Load tests with vehicles to verify relay settings and signal and communication system immunization;

(10) Monitoring of utility supply circuits and telephone circuits to ensure the adequacy of power supplies, and to verify that transient-related disturbances are within acceptable limits;

(11) Verification of vehicle detection due to shunting of signal system circuits;

(12) Verification of safe operation of the signal and trainset control system as required by subpart B of this part;

(13) Tests of trainset radio reception during system-wide vehicle operation; and

(14) Verification of electromagnetic interference/electromagnetic compatibility between various subsystems.