Title 49

SECTION 299.437

299.437 Automated monitoring.

§ 299.437 Automated monitoring.

(a) Each trainset shall be equipped to monitor the performance of the following systems or components:

(1) Reception of cab and trainset control signals;

(2) Electric brake status;

(3) Friction brake status;

(4) Fire detection systems, if so equipped;

(5) Auxiliary power status;

(6) Wheelslide;

(7) On-board bearing-temperature sensors;

(8) Door open/closed status; and

(9) Bogie vibration detection.

(b) When any of the monitored parameters are out of predetermined limits, an alert shall be sent immediately to the driver. The railroad's operating rules shall control trainset movement when the monitored parameters are out of predetermined limits.

(c) The railroad shall develop appropriate operating rules to address driver and equipment performance in the event that the automatic monitoring system becomes defective.

(d) The monitoring system shall be designed with an automatic self-test feature that notifies the driver that the monitoring capability is functioning correctly and alerts the driver when a system failure occurs.